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Marta, 22, unicorn.
No, Santa didn't give me a dick yet.
No, I'm not lesbian. Maybe.
Yes, I will eat you alive ♥

EXO makes me puke rainbow glitters and I hate them all.

✿ made in Italy
click me maybe
wanna see? //

141001 oohsehun: With lay xiumin

baby joy struggling to walk in high heels + irene helping

Anonymous whispered:
What will be the first thing you'd do when you meet Minseok in person?

It would probably go like


Anonymous whispered:
I want to bang Minseok so badly. Is that normal?

… have you even seen my dick? 

Minseok’s name written all over it.


Anonymous whispered:
thebaozi tumblr com/image/98794395281 <<< i made this do you like it??? :3

When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.


good example of Jongdae’s signing technique: look at the fan 95% of the time and only 5% on the signature